Hello World!!! Im just a girl like any other girl you’d ever wanna meet. I’m a girl like you…i wanna know all the GOOD STUFF!!! I want the best beauty products,  and the cutest clothes, I wanna eat the yummiest food, have the coolest stuff, and do the funnest things ever!!! But theres one little “situation” as i call it…Im a little low on the cash flow. For heavens sake Im a student and unlike my Hollywood idols I dont get paid to look fabulous, no one is knocking down my door begging me to wear their newest design, or endorse their skin care line and use it all for free!!!!  So what’s a girl to do? We must search for the CENTSIBLE solution!! I plan to blog about my search and share the results with you…afterall we are in this together right?? So grocery stores, craft stores, and thrifts stores alike … beware these chicks are about to get CENTSIBLE!!!!

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  1. Helen Schlee says:

    We met your husband at the AT&T store, he was super nice to us! I would love to get the recipes he told us about, it sounded wonderful!!!! He really loves all that you cook!! Way to go!!!:)

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